Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Jimmy's Italian Ice

Little Jimmy truck
Driver hands me lemon ice
Tarantella treat

White Castle

Tiny hamburger
Route 1 & 9 White Castle
No one sober here

The Diner

(photo from Flickr)

Scotchwood Diner booth
After night in City club
Four a.m. French fries

See diner waitress
Balance ten plates while pouring
Your coffee refill

Betty Lind Diner
Renamed The Colliseum
Booth jukeboxes gone

Rahway Prison

Rahway, New Jersey
Yes, as in the prison – but
It’s in Avenel!

Scared Straight now renamed
Juvenile Awareness – lost

Girl Scout Troop field trip
To Rahway State Prison - still
In Analysis

Exact change

Exact change coin toss
Missed basket pavement clatter
Beep and drive away

What exit?

What exit are you?
Question of class as much as
One of direction